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Our Vision

We aim to be a leading service provider of Maritime Security Solutions, Marine/Underwater Services, and Industrial/General Engineering trouble-shooting services in the Gulf of Guinea with particular emphasis in Togo-Benin-Ghana regions. Our goal is to be your first choice and long-term partner in the Gulf of Guinea region.

Our Mission

TO PROVIDE  innovative, cost-effective and high-quality Marine Security Solutions

TO CONTRIBUTE  to our clients' success by protecting their assets

TO DELIVER  guaranteed Maritime security using our fleet of specialized vessels and the exceptional service of our trained and friendly professionals

TO OFFER  our clients reliability, effectiveness, professionalism and peace of mind

TO SUPPLY  the highest quality services, solutions and support in HusbandryAgency, Underwater marine services, and engineering solutions using our outstanding personnel, our trusted relationships, geographical reach, speed of response, technological innovation and our operational excellence

Our Core Values

​TEAM WORK     Our philosophy is that the best way to achieve a goal is through conscious, coordinated, and harmonious effort. 


​COMPLIANCE    We comply with regulations, conventions, principles and procedures in executing our task to achieve results with integrity. 

​DILIGENCE    We understand what a priority is and what can be set aside for the time being. This approach enables us to honour our commitments to the best of our ability by whatever means necessary. Diligence exists hand-in-hand with our customer service: a drive to provide a quality product and service no matter the obstacles.

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