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The Gulf of Guinea (GoG) piracy remains a great concern to the global maritime sector as incidents and attacks have continued to soar over the last decade. Although the scale of piracy acts and maritime criminality generally vary from time to time – in response to states’ actions and the behaviour of the maritime industry to threats at sea – the nature of piracy acts in the region continues to pose a significant threat to the shipping industry, global trade safety and security of crew, and ultimately undermines the security and development of the Gulf of Guinea region.

While the root causes or drivers of piracy and related crimes have remained unchanged – and the Niger Delta region of Nigeria has endured as the piracy epicentre – pirates’ actions and behaviour in terms of typology of attacks and modes of operations have evolved.

As the GoG reigns at the top of the global piracy and transnational organised crime agenda, a detailed understanding of the piracy dynamics is key to the success of global, regional and national counter-piracy efforts. ARGUS Maritime Services (AMS) provides an extensive range of Cost-Effective specialist security services to maritime clients and to other security companies. 



Vessel Protection by Armed Teams on-board at Lome, Cotonou & Tema/Takoradi anchorages.

Through our MOU’s with Togo, Ghana and Benin Navies, we provide armed security
teams with highly qualified and regularly vetted local or European LO’s.


Vessel Protection by patrol security at the anchorage

AMS, operates patrol vessels with armed guards and provides standby/patrolsecurity services to ships at the anchorage.

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AMS, through its MOU’s provides escort services in the region, in the following areas:

- Lome anchorage-Togo EEZ

- Ghana EEZ to Takoradi & Tema ports & Lome anchorage

- Benin EEZ (up to 200 nm) to Cotonou anchorage

- Benin EEZ-Togo border-Lome anchorage 

- Nigeria/Benin Border-Benin/Togo Border Transit to Lome anchorage

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