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AMS is a solution-oriented engineering company specialized in the fields of Offshore (Subsea) and Onshore Engineering Services including maintenance, and repairs, adopts an integrated approach to engineering.


Its unique balance of leadership, interaction among its technical team and the depth of experience of its staff creates an environment that allows transfer of knowledge and research required for successful engineering solutions. This outstanding strength enables the capability to carry projects from conception through to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


We consider the long-term implications of our solutions and the interest of our clients as well as the working environment a major priority. Our exceptional understanding and knowledge of Hydraulics, Pneumatics Mechanical and Electrical engineering permits us with the ability to design and build specialized engineering equipment to meet the needs of aquatic and general engineering jobs required by our clients. This makes us an invaluable partner in marine and engineering industry.

Image by Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández


We provide a comprehensive range of Underwater (UW) and Engineering Services in the field’s detailed below:

  • Underwater Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

  • Sea Chest Cleaning

  • Bow Thruster Repairs & Maintenance

  • UW Anodes replacement

  • UW propeller & Rudder repairs

  • UW welding

  • Salvage & Towage Services

  • Refloating Operations

  • Wreck splitting & removal


  • Cranes

  • Cargo Pumps

  • Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)

  • Oily-water separators

  • Open and close loop systems in electrical hydraulics and pneumatics (including rewinding and paralleling of two or more generators)

  • Installation, rewinding, servicing, and reconditioning of industrial and marine equipment

  • Internal & Top-side repair and maintenance

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